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  • Espresso Cup Guide: 7 Things To Consider Before You Buy

    If you appreciate espresso, having a good set of espresso cups is simply a must.

    You might think you can grab any standard coffee cup to drink your espresso out of, but when it comes to espresso, the aesthetic, the size, the shape, the color and the material the cup is made of does matter. And whether you want one that comes with a saucer or not is something to consider too.

    Serving an espresso in the right cup helps improve its taste and makes it look nicer which in turn lets you get the most out of your espresso drinking experience.

    If you need any help with choosing an espresso cup from our collection, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How to Pick the Right Coffee Cup

    When it comes to coffee drinks, one cup does not fit all.
    The coffee cup size and shape you choose to drink your coffee from can have a real impact on its flavor. And as a coffee aficionado, I believe that your favorite brew deserves the right coffee cup. Let me put it this way, you wouldn’t buy a Picasso painting just to hang it in your shed, would you?

    I can’t imagine putting all my effort into selecting the perfect coffee roast, brewing it to perfection, and then drinking it from a cup that doesn’t maximize its flavor.